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Feb. 26th, 2007



OKAY OKAY OKAY! Let's keep this place from being dead, yes? :D

x Calendar for March 2007 is up; if there is any thing you have questions about or events you want to add, comment there.
x You might notice a St. Patrick's Event on the 16th. That is a Friday, and while it starts at 7 EST, you can come later if need be. The back-up day for this event (if you know you can't come Friday, please tell us now) is Saturday the 17th, St. Patty's Day itself.
x Would you guys want to have rping in the13thdaylogs as well? For those who can't rp on AIM all the time or don't have the time to?
x Do you guys know any places to pimp the rp so we can get more players? D:




Feb. 22nd, 2007



ハッロ みんな!!

...Sorry, I've been going a little (little? pssht yeah right) crazy with Japanese homework, and I haven't been posting as much as I should. But that might be a good thing. XD;;

ANYWAYS, so yes, the first 13th event is over! What did you guys think? Any comments? Also, do you have any idea for events or things you want to happen? HELP US HELP YOU.

And uh, I think since my brain is fried, I'm going to say that's it. |D

Feb. 11th, 2007



Ehhhhhhhh? Where was everyone? I know some people told me ahead of time that they couldn't come, but it was just me and Kiba-mod. Which wasn't necessarily bad...

Anyways, was it because it was too soon? Not advertised enough? Tell us! LET US HELP YOU!

And make sure you make a post in your journals! I see some people haven't even done that yet. >_>

Remember, Tuesday is the 13th!

*goes to mope in emo corner now* ;o;

Feb. 10th, 2007


This is Kibamod actually speaking, so listen! >D!


<.< >.>

I've been put in control of something, so I'm rounding up the troops and reminding you guys it's war the Valentine's Ball tonight. It starts at 7 EST, but if you guys get in late or early that's fine. We only remove pinkies with outright disobedience~ There's DJ, a buffet with finger food, and a punch bowl. And if you spike it, you might find you future wife that way! XD There's other party stuff as well, and maybe some games if people want to play. SO mingle and dance and have fun! I'm sure Kiba will be on the dance floor somewhere, convincing his poor wife to come a little closer or plotting with some other evil mind on what would be a good prank to play. :D

Any questions, get a hold of me or Hitomimod on our usual AIMs or here in the comments.

It's 7 EST, AIM chat elklodge.

See you guys there~

Feb. 8th, 2007


NEWS POST 02/07/07

ARE YOU GUYS TIRED OF ME YET? :D;; You better say no or I'll cry. TT__TT

- First off, you guys might notice that I posted the event details for the first 13th day event. If you were wondering why I posted the notice early (it's actually later than I wanted :O) is so to inform you guys early of what would happen so you can prepare for it.
- Second, I NEED YOUR ANSWERS ON THIS SO PLEASE FOCUS! *pops Ritalin in you* I don't know about you guys, but the chat for the Three Elk Lodge is...kind of cumbersome and confusing. Voting to make threeelklodge to elklodge? Y/N/PIZZA/Y? EDIT: Enough people agreed, so changing~
- Thirdly, people are coming, but I hardly any see any rping in the chats. (Watch, I say that and there is, sorry!) Chats are an essential part of the rp you guys; can most of you only get on at certain times. Edit: You guys, I'm not upset, I know everyone has lives! <3 I just wanted to know what's going on chickpeas~
- Lastly, anyone up for recruiting more players? :D?



Event Name: Dude Looks Like a Lady
Event Type: Gender Bender
Date Begins: 2/13/07
Date Ends: 2/20/07
Event Details:
- If you couldn't tell, gender bender means your character would be the opposite sex
- They wake up the opposite sex with no explanation and the character must go to sleep and wake up the next day to be changed back; the transformation is not viewed by anyone
- The time spent as the opposite gender is your choice, as long as it's longer than one day and shorter than the week
- Once they change back to their original gender, they do not change back (i.e. can not be girl one day, then guy, girl again, guy again, etc.)
- This event is NOT MANDATORY and you aren't required to tell the mods that your character is going to be transformed or not. But other characters will probably be changed and your character should react to such.
- Everything will return completely back to normal on the 21st, but yes your character will remember what happened.
- If you have any questions about this, leave a comment here or im a mod.

Feb. 4th, 2007




If you couldn't tell by the icon, this is Hitomi-mod reporting. First off: HOLY SNIKIES WELCOME EVERYONE! I can see people are still filtering in, but I'm still so surprised to see as many people as we have so far! And new faces too, which makes me happy. FRESH MEAT. >D

Anyways, I just wanted to go over some things. Please bare with me, a lot of this you probably know from reading the info (if you did like you were SUPPOSED to >_>), but it begs to be reiterated.
- PLEASE join all the journals, or at least friend them. There's going to be plenty of announcements (like this one \o/) that you need to be informed of.
- Keep up-to-date with the add/remove list; it's probably going to be growing every time you look around, but at least try to check it once a week. FRIENDS ARE NICE! :D
- RPing through journals is fine, but the main action is going to be happening over AIM. And Rping one on one is fine, but group chats are essenital in meeting new friends. In case you don't remember, the two main ones are:
x threeelklodge = Three Elk Lodge, where people can eat, rent rooms, or just chill. Or cause a ruckus.
x tredicibar = The (currently unamed) bar. Alcohol always ends up in hilarious hijinks. OR AT LEAST IT SHOULD. *shakes fist*

Also, if you don't feel like rping but want to chat to the players behind the characters, there's lodgeooc, the OOC chat where you can discuss the rp or what you ate for breakfast. (I had Fruit Loops \o/)
- If you've checked the calendar for Februrary, you might've seen on the 10th there's to be a Valentine's Day Ball at The Three Elk Lodge at 7:00 EST. This is one of regular events (that aren't the ones linked to the 13th), and being the first one, it's also a way for character's to introduce and mingle. Don't let the fact that it's Valentine's Day celebration throw you: it's for both singles and couples, and despite the fact that it's formal wear, whether your character complies with that is up to you. Like any of our events, it's not mandatory, but why wouldn't you come? WE LOVE YOU, DON'T BREAK OUR HEARTS!! TT___TT

AHEM. Anyways, if you have any questions about what I discussed here, leave a comment or feel free to im me at MysticMoonRunner. TAH-TAH DARLINGS~

I was going to post this earlier but it's all Kiba-mod's for being AWESOME and buying Hitomi extra userpics so I can indulge my addiction.

....>*¬*> iconssssssssss....

Feb. 2nd, 2007




Jan. 30th, 2007



Just like that hooker you picked up once~
Read the info for more information