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The 13th Day: An AU Multi-Fandom RPG
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This is the story of Tredici, a sleepy little town with a population of...well, certainly lower than most towns. But that’s part of the appeal, a place where you know your neighbor, your neighbor’s neighbor, your neighbor’s neighbor’s neighbor, you get the idea. Despite the quaint appearance and old-fashioned customs that have stood the test of time, Tredici is an ever-changing cultural hotspot, the new starting to mix in with the old.

But despite all of Tredici’s steps into the new age, like any old town it has a history that’s relevant even today, and it's affect on the town’s residents is most peculiar. For a reason lost to record books and mangled by word of mouth, the 13th of every month, an inexplicable change rolls over the town. Strange events and circumstances occur, lasting at most a week before everything returns to normal without any physical indication something out of the ordinary ever happened. It might be unnerving to visitors, but they have to get used to it, for whenever they take road out of town, it seems to lead them back in...

1. This is MULTI-FANDOM RPG, which means your character should mix and mingle with other fandoms than their own. Show off your charms daah~ling, or warn others why you shouldn't be messed with.

2. This is also an AU REALISTIC RPG (except for stuff that happens on the 13th), which means your character's back-story (and maybe appearance) would probably be different than in canon. No mechs, no super speshul powers, no m-preg, cat people now have clip-ons, andriods now have artificial limbs. If your character uses guns or swords, they are still allowed to use their weapons, but be cautious. If in any doubt, just think to yourself if it commonly could happen or be acceptable in real life, then you're good.

3. While your aspects of your character might be be changed to fit the rp (back-story, age, sexuality, etc.), please try to keep your character's appearance and personality canon. Which means no gun-toting bad guy would suddenly be making daisy chains down at the Y, and that super sexy femme fatale would not be a middle-aged overweight male (DAMN YOU MAN-FAYE!)

4. Sexual situations are allowed here, but please do it in private rps only and not in the public chats. If your character is an exhibitionist, ask others in the chat before starting the streaking.

5. RPing takes place over AIM and Livejournal, so please BE ACTIVE. Post in your character's journal every four weeks, or you will be deleted. Don't worry, we'll warn you ahead of time (we're nice like that :Db), and people on hiatus are not prone to deletion as long as mods are informed. You're welcome to post logs of AIM chats in the13thdaylogs but please put them behind a cut and rate them appropriately.

6. If you have character(s) that have back-story from another AU Realistic rpg that you want to transfer over, that's fine. Just inform us in your application to explain so we're not "o_O?!" when reading over your character's back-story.

7. Grammar and spelling do not have to be perfect, but please try to keep them in mind. If you write, "OMG AND THAN SHE LIEK WOLKED OVER SOME THERE," not only will you probably not be accepted, you'll also be promptly punched by the Grammar Nazis. In the face. It's your decision really. u_u;;

8. DON'T GOD MOD. We get it, you love your character and think they're awesome. But no one is perfect, and while dodging every punch and doing one-hit kills isn't exactly there, it's too close to it.

9. Please know the difference between IC and OOC; just because a character is mean to your character doesn't mean the mun hates you. Or maybe it does. Just don't get rp life and personal life confused, mmkay?

10. NO DISRESPECT OF MODS OR OTHER PLAYERS. C'mon, what were you always told when you were younger? No, not "Get your finger out of there," but to play nice. Anyone, be it mod or player, caught disrespecting someone else, will be given a warning, and the second time they are banned from the rp. In other words, don't ruin a good thing by being a douche.

11. Before applying, make sure you've read all the rules as well as the FAQ.

At this present time, each player is allowed only three characters each, with no OCs allowed.

- Taken Character List: Please check this before putting your application in to make sure your character isn't already in play.
- Reserve List: Please also check this before applying or to place a character on reserve for future play.
- Applications: Apply here for a character!
- Add/Remove List: Use this list to keep your friends list up-to-date.
- Dropped Character List: Leaving so soon? Leave us a line here so we know you're going.
- Business List: Apply for a business here or see what businesses are currently open in Tredici.
- FAQ: Check here if you're confused on something or need to ask a question about the rp.
- Suggestions: Have a suggestion for the rp? Leave here, cause we'll greatly appreciate it.

- the13thday: Main community where announcements and changes are posted. Posting is reserved only to the mods, but please join and friend it to keep up-to-date.
- the13thdaymods: Mod journal and also where everything is stored.
- the13thdayooc: Community to post introductions, hiatus notices, crack, and other ooc things.
- the13thdaylogs: Community to post rp logs.

: MODS :
Name: Hitomi-mod
AIM: MysticMoonRunner
Charge of: The whole rp gosh darnit

Name: Kiba-mod
AIM: canine kiba
Charge of: Keeping Hitomi-mod sane
To which Kibamod replied, "Oh yeah, stick me with the hardest task, why don't you.... XD"

Name: Paisley-mod
AIM: Paisley Fox 0
Charge of: Keeping it all together and being the Grammar Police (I WARNED YOU)

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